Interview to Francesco Salis


Today, I interviewed Francesco Salis from the Margherita+ cooperative, responsible for the Youth and Teen Centre Arezzo Factory. A welcoming place that hosts several classes and activities for young people, thanks to the collaboration of other associations from Arezzo.

Arezzo Factory is a meeting, promotional and contamination point between different people and experiences. How does it all happen?

The strength of the centre is the ability to unite several associations and to address kids as well as adults with different activities; this enables them to create moments of aggregation and community. The courses they currently offer are: music (drums, guitar, piano and singing lessons), improvisational theatre (held by the association Areamista), Japanese language (four different levels), laughter yoga and creative laboratories (held by the Impronte Creative association) from 2 to 10 year-olds, divided in ages groups, and a course of environmental WWF police. They also offer occasional activities such as the course on dog behaviour held by the Impronte association.

Another aspect of Arezzo Factory is linked to the services we offer with our rehearsals rooms, a DJ room and a multifunctional room, which promote meetings and exchange among young people. Every year in May, we host a musical contest, to which many local young bands participate. During the summer, instead, we hold an event in the park; in the past year, we have organised a party called Riparti Pionta with different leisure activities among which, initiatives to clean the park and a final concert.

What are the projects you are planning to carry out in the future?

Surely to consolidate the relationship with the realities of our territory and to spread the word about Arezzo Factory being an important meeting point for everyone. Another goal is to give visibility, through our job, to the Pionta park, which needs to be promoted and populated.

Is there a specific educational aspect in the activities you propose to the young?

The most important educational aspect is the one regarding the expression of one’s abilities and the discovery of peculiar artistic passions. In fact, the majority of the courses we offer are aimed at young people who have anything to do with music and theatre. For exemple, the Japanese language course is a chance to get closer to a different culture, for those who are passionate or maybe just curious, while in the creative laboratories, kids can develop their imagination.

This year’s Arezzo Crowd Festival theme is BE THE CHANGE. What kind of change would you want to see or make?

I wish we would stop looking at each other with distrust instead of opening up to mutual growth. The main principal of aggregation is to do things together.


Chiara Polvani

Translated by Giuliana Vargetto

Pictures from the Facebook page