Antigone – monologue for a lonely woman

Young Theatre Contest
Friday 31st May 2019
9PM Pietro Aretino Theatre

Original title: Antigone – monologo per donna sola

Anomalia Teatro Torino
by and with Debora Benincasa
directed by Amedeo Anfuso
Lasts 1h  
We would have proposed a show about real heros. Those who do not fear darkness, who battle wolves and kiss you under the light of a static sunset. Antigone, however is a different story. It is a story that goes through the bones of a skinny girl, a messy-haired heroine who looks at you, whilst in the middle of the tragedy, smiling. At the end, we are always with her, right there where we left her, with a gun, a dagger or a rope in her hand. With Antigone, who has got wolf teeth and hunter’s anger. Who prefers to fight rather that dying.
Contamination Between classical culture (original tragedy and myth) and popular language.
In a few words “You can imagine my story as a mix between an action film and a soap opera”