Credits #2

Arezzo Crowd Festival has been organised by Officine Montecristo with the participation of Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo and Aisa Impianti Spa – Zero Spreco San Zeno.

A MASSIVE thank you to the Artistic Committee, to our friends, partners, the audience and the jury that helped make this experience magical!

You are the real soul of the Festival!

Thank you to all the 1 Day Exhibition artists: Zahra Kfr, Mara Giammattei, Marcello Bondi, Photography Simone Padelli; and the guests of the Literary Meetings: Andrea Dalla Verde, Michele Borgogni and Andrea Berneskij, Lucrezia Lombardo and L’ulcera del signor Wilson.

Thank you to Mara Giammattei who has been our official photographer and responsible for our Documentation Team, thanks to Kipleo and Farrago, our media partners who have documented the whole process on video! Thanks to Matteo Giusti, top level press office, thanks to Daniele Rivara, our social media manager! Thanks to Renzo Tavanti, the magician of computer science and thanks to Geena Sul Tana for the incredible graphic work!

See you next edition!