Arezzo Crowd Festival’s practical school


Arezzo Crowd Festival is organised based on the proposals coming from its Under 30 Artistic Committee.

From this edition, we have decide to create a “school” that would concern all kinds of interests inside the Committee, and allow those who want participate to learn new things or go deeper into the matter, with the opportunity to test it hands-on during the Festival!

The aim of the Arezzo Crowd Festival is, in fact, to be a series of events organised from the bottom. We want everyone to have the required knowledge to be independent, and why not, to transform a simple passion into a career!

All meetings and courses will be brought into the Festival pragmatically!

The idea is to dedicate two hours per week to meetings, masterclasses, and laboratories dealing with themes that concern all aspects of building up a Festival: organisation, communication, and the artistic side.

We have chosen Saturday as the day dedicated to the school meetings, and from November 2019 to March 2020, we have hosted already 13 training courses for our Artistic Committee, followed by many others on our new broadcasting platform Arezzo Crowd TV!


What are you waiting to hop on board?

– DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY #1 - The poster

The poster is the final result of the planning, organisation, realisation and communication of the event.

During this meeting, the Committee is given all the tools to be able to read the poster and learn all the information on its production process.

Curated by Giovanni Firpo – Officine Montecristo

DIY #2 - Interior Lineage

During this meeting, the participants conducted a self-analysis in order to find a common denominator for those subjects that make us connect, and to find the roots of the ideals that are considered as typical of their generation.

at Urban Creativity Lab, Arezzo
Curated by Marco Montanari – Fondazione Verso

DIY #3 - Guide to choosing the official image

When it comes to images, and especially if they have to deliver a message or represent a theme, it is not enough to merely consider their aesthetic.
Colour, composition, visual storytelling and sensations: these are the tools we used to choose the official image of the Arezzo Crowd Festival 2020.


  • Introduction to the theory of colour: an image needs to be effective on paper as well as in digital form
  • White space and alignment
  • Graphic adaptation on multimedia devices
  • The persuasive power of a visual message
  • History of the most famous posters

Curated by Gea Testi

DIY #4 - A chat about theatre

A chat about theatre with Andrea Biagiotti, historic teacher at Libera Accademia del Teatro in Arezzo. An introductive meeting about Theatre in Arezzo and in Italy, in preparation for the artist choice for the Young Theatre Contest.

at Libera Accademia del Teatro, Arezzo

with Andrea Biagiotti

DIY #5 - Visit to Mimmo Paladino exhibition

Domenico Paladino, also known as Mimmo, is among the main exponents of the Italian Transavanguardia artistic movement, with many of his art pieces exhibited in international museums.
Until 31st January 2020, the historic centre in Arezzo is hosting the homage of Mimmo Paladino to Piero della Francesca “La Regola di Piero”, with over 50 art pieces distributed in different locations. This travelling exhibition, with its 3D pieces, contradicts the aridity of mathematics, subject in which all arts are born and unite.

in collaboration with Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo

DIY #6 - Visit to the Petrarca Theatre

Visit to the Petrarca Theatre with and exceptional guide, the historic theatre technician of Arezzo, Maurizio Giornelli!
We visited the foyer, the spaces, the stage and the backstage, up until the latticework!

A unique occasion to explore all the secrets of an iconic location in our city!

With the collaboration of Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo

Thanks to Maurizio Giornelli

DIY #7 - History of theatre in 120 minutes!

With Andrea Biagiotti, we have gone through 8 plays from different historical periods, in order to cover the whole history of theatre! An amusing immersion that helped us understand what to expect from the plays of the Young Theatre Contest!

Curated by Andrea Biagiotti and Giovanni Firpo

DIY #8 - Theatre companies and shows, how are they made?

We have discovered in detail what these famous theatre companies are, what it means for somebody under 35 to start their own company, and what are the steps and the figures involved in the creation of a show – from the idea, to the set-up and distribution.

An in-depth analysis before the choice of the theatre companies and their plays for the Young theatre Contest.

Curated by Giovanni Firpo – Officine Montecristo

DIY #9 - Collective view of the Young Theatre Contest proposals

During this meeting, we have examined the materials of the under 35 theatre companies, which have applied for the Young Theatre Companies.

We reunited all together to view and have a first impression, before the Artistic Committee took its time to study and vote for their favourite plays.

DIY #10 - Meeting with the cinema

During this Do It Yourself, we met Roberto Donati, teacher and film buff who took us through the stories and frames of the film “Dr. Strangelove” and Kubrik filmography.

Anecdotes, detailed analysis and stories from set!

DIY #11 - Travelling and getting lost in your hometown

Is it possible to travel in your hometown? Are we really sure we know the place we live in? Or our eyes do not see anymore what we take for granted?
Writing can wake us up.
In the School of travel, we elaborated methods for the awakening of writing, which, alongside the technique of the Psychosynthesis, can make us experiment the beauty of travel, even in our home.

Curated by Andrea Bocconi – Fondazione Verso

DIY #12 - The history of Theatre in 120 minutes part two

With Andrea Biagiotti we continued analysing the 8 plays of the previous meeting!
An amusing immersion that will help us understand what to expect from the plays of the Young Theatre Contest!

Curated by Andrea Biagiotti and Giovanni Firpo

DIY #13 - The First Wish - from passion to the craft of writing

Communicating through writing is a frequent act, a liberating gesture, even if it is only about sending a short text to a friend. Telling a story means evoking images, being in one’s feelings and sharing them with others.
Writing in a narrative way, gives your life a linguistic structure that makes sense, so as we can make every story interesting, we can transform the small into the big, and make sure that the experience of one becomes the experience of everybody.

Curated by Martina Carnesciali