One year ago, in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Sommelier Toscana – Arezzo delegation and Associazione Cuochi Arezzo, Arezzo Crowd Festival held a dinner in support of the Festival itself. This event has counted more than 100 participants, also thanks to the support of several companies who have supplied prizes and discount coupons, contributing to our lottery.

We want to repeat the experience with all our partners and supporters of the Arezzo Crowd Festival, in order to finish off this edition and officially get started for the next one. 

The meeting is at
il Casale di Pieve a Quarto [Località Pieve a Quarto, Arezzo]
Thursday 13th GIUGNO 2019 at 20PM

The price of the dinner is 28 euros.

Booking is mandatory within Monday 10th June
Phone number 324 830 5388 (text or Whatsapp)
or by mail to

If you want to be one of our supporters for the next Festival, by supplying prizes for the dinner or by becoming a sponsor, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the past edition of the dinner we want to thank:
Bistrot Montefalco • Bottega di Montemercole • By Tacconi • Cisalfa Sport Arezzo • Da Quelle Citte Street Bar • Estetica Beauty Line • Gioielleria Governini • Hair Stylist – I Parrucchieri • Il Botteghino • Il Fotografo • La Bottega della Natura • Mondadori Bookstore • Torre di Gnicche • Vieri Dischi