The idea of a Participated Festival of Young Theatre was born in 2018, after Officine Montecristo opened its office in Arezzo.

The will to make a project for the area we live in, pushed us to carry out research to understand what was needed.

The idea of a big event box was born spontaneously when, during our crowded meetings, we decided to do something that would involve people under 30 in choosing an artistic and cultural programme corresponding to their taste.

This Festival is able to turn the classical concept of artistic direction upside down, starting from the bottom and putting the audience in the spotlight!

From this premise, the Under 30 Artistic Committee was born, involving young people coming from all over Italy (70 to organise the first edition of the Festival in May 2018!).

The Artistic Committee has gone through a training period, curated by artists and professionals in the field of live performances organisation and communication. This enabled the staff to choose the fil rouge of the first Arezzo Crowd Festival: the theme, the official image and 4 theatre companies under 35 coming from all over Italy, who then participated to the Young Theatre Contest 2019.

Even if the main focus of the Festival is theatre, we have hosted literary meetings, concerts, visual art exhibitions and street performances, involving the whole city of Arezzo in the artistic process supporting our festival!