Official Image – Call For Artists 2020

Official image competition

Who can participate?

The competition is open to young people under 35 who are willing to submit their artwork suiting the Arezzo Crowd Festival theme: BETHECHANGE. The selected artwork will be used in all advertising material (posters, leaflets, flyers, videos and social network image) and its artist will be mentioned in the credits. Participation is free and it is extended to singles and groups; in any case, groups will be considered as a single participant.

The prize

The Artistic Committee offers to the winning artist, the opportunity to display their own art in a personal exhibition lasting the days the Festival will take place. The artist will receive help throughout the set-up process of the exhibition and the designing of a layout suiting the mood of the exhibition.

How to participate

Each candidate or group may participate by submitting their artwork within and not beyond the 30th November 2019, at 1PM (GMT +1).

The artwork must be submitted to alongside a short autobiography (max 500 words, including a telephone number and an email address), all of which must be in a folder named after the artist or the group who is submitting the artwork. As an alternative, the file can be sent through a file-sharing programme such as Wetransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sendgb, FilestoFriends, Filemail, etc.

The artist is requested to specify their nickname in their biography or in the folder, in case they have one.

Technical specifications of the artwork

Different techniques are allowed: graphic design, illustrations, painting, photography, collages and mixed techniques. Furthermore, the artwork cannot display any writings about the Festival nor the main theme, as the committee will include texts later on.

Each file must be sent in .pdf, .tiff or .jpg format.

The file size must be 70x100cm (vertically) with a resolution of 300 dpi. In the specific case of a painting, the artwork must be photographed maintaining its original dimensions and resolution.

The file must be named: TITLE_ARTIST

Selection process

The Artistic Committee of the Arezzo Crowd Festival 2020 reserves the right to select the artwork which most represents the theme of the Festival, characterised by originality, visual impact and powerful communicative skills.


The artwork will be excluded from the competition if submitted beyond the due date and/or if it is non-compliant with the required technical specifications.

The selected artwork

The selected artwork will be made known, through email, within 30 days from the end of the competition. The name of the artist will also be published on all the Festival social media outlets, including its website


The artist guarantees the originality of its artwork and therefore holds all the ownership rights. By participating to the competition, the artist implicitly accepts the rules of the competition itself, such as the use of the selected artwork by the organisation in order to promote Arezzo Crowd Festival.

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