Take me there where I got lost

Young Theatre Contest
Thrusday 30th May 2019
9PM Pietro Aretino Theatre

Original title: Riportami là dove mi sono perso

Compagnia Officine Gorilla and Bachalom Teatro
Torino – Alessandria
by Luca Zilovich
with Michele Puleio and Maria Rita Lo Destro
Lasts 1h


Emma and Theo live their relationship in strong contrast with the world that surrounds them; an external reality made up of disappointments and failures, a feeling of lack of familial and professional future. They might have been perfect in another society, but this one is a liquid society, which requires young people like them, to perpetually adapt and quit and this, paradoxically leads to stillness and uncertainty. This liquid society states the defeat of 30-year-olds, and the difficulty of their relationships sparks the desire to go back to where everything got lost and broken, maybe under old objects which need to get thrown away. The outside world goes through the house walls and destroys their balance with phone calls that cause envy and frustration and commercials who exalt bigger and bigger needs. When love in not enough or we are not only talking about love anymore, in a world where we need to go with our gut, individualism becomes extreme. Theo and Emma are looking for shelter in something or somewhere they do not even know. There is no going back, but these two will have to (re)start from somewhere.
Contamination Contamination with dance
In a few words “It is absurd to think that at 28, with a job, a house and a boyfriend, I am always blackmailed. I fyou think about it, whatever I decide to do, I would always be a failure”